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About Us
VIBGYOR Kids is part of the larger family called VIBGYOR High, which is a chain of schools with centres in Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara, Kolhapur, Lucknow, Bengaluru & Surat. VIBGYOR High was started to provide “holistic education that meets international standards, in a stress-free environment.” VIBGYOR Kids is an extension of the same vision ensuring that all our kids stay with us - from Pre-school to High school.

Meet “BO” our gregarious, spinach eating caterpillar that will be transformed into a gorgeous butterfly. Guide, role model and cuddly little companion, “BO” shares the secrets of the garden, the mysteries of the skies and the everyday world around us in a fun-filled way.

  • Our Belief
    * Each child is unique and learning programmes should be personalised to meet each child's need.
    * A child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn must be encouraged.
    * Building a strong foundation during the formative years equips
    the child for the future.
    * Children must develop positive character traits and a realistic
    * Honing the intellectual, physical, linguistic, social, emotional
    and moral skills will ensure the holistic development of the child.
  • Our Concept & Philosophy

    VIBGYOR Kids offers a revolutionary concept in early childhood education that develops the Multiple Intelligences of a child and promotes all-round development. At VIBGYOR Kids the children discover the fun of learning in an attractive, colourful, and enriching learning environment. They are engaged in fun-filled activities that challenge them to think, solve problems, adapt to changes and maximize their potential. The age appropriate, interactive curriculum is scientifically designed to suit the individual learning pace of each child and is flexible to adapt to the child’s developmental needs.

    The children move ahead with a love for learning and are confident about taking up new challenges. The school provides individual attention and guidance in an environment conducive to effective learning. This helps to develop the innate potential of every student. In addition, the learning programme aims to infuse motivation and concentration, foster individual learning styles and promote the development of Multiple Intelligences.