What Parents are saying - VIVA 2011
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01    VIVA for the nursery was organized extremely well. It was a great idea to split the Annual Day across 2 different days. This gave us all a very good view of all our kids on stage and helped in time management. The teachers did a great job in teaching the kids how to dance. It was a real pleasure for us to see our children performing so well. Thanks to Vibgyor for doing such a good job and giving us an evening to remember!
user"Meera, (Mother of Rachna – Nursery A)"
02    It was a great show. Hats off to all the teachers and staff who put in their heart and soul to make it a fantastic event. We being the Nursery parents and watching something like this for the first time. We were more excited than the kids. Overall it was a very great show. It showed the dedication of each and every individual involved in it. Great Job Guys, Keep it going.
user"Sukanya, (Mother of Mihika – Nursery A) "