What Teachers are saying - VIVA 2011
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01    VIVA was an awesome program especially for children. Pre-primary has a set of children who love singing and dancing. Children enjoyed the dance session a lot, during practice as well as on the stage. From the costume to the stage it was all well organized and the show was a success. Thanks to VIBGYOR KIDS for giving an exposure to the children to prove their talents apart from studies.
On the whole VIVA was a program which gave a new look towards the concept which was applied, as in this year (2011) we had a concept about “DIFFERENT CULTURES OF THE WORLD”. Knowing the cultures of the world is also a learning experience for the performer as well as the viewer. VIVA ROCKS….!
02    VIVA- As a teacher VIVA is the only event i look forward each year. Especially this year it was funtastic. Right from workshops to sports day to our concert everything was wonderful. We also witnessed the team work right from teacher to the Coordinator of Pre-Primary.
Workshops were really helpful and fun filled show. Sports day rocked with the themes given to each class, coming to concert, the stage was awesome and the costumes were also good. Most memorable part was our Nursery children performing on stage and they enjoyed the most showcasing their talents throughout the VIVA. It was an excellent show.