Bindiya Mathur
Parent of Chaitanya Raghavan (Jr.KG E)
Malad (East)

I like “NO PRESSURE “atmosphere at Vibgyor, Where work seems like play. Both my sons are learning so much, while simply having fun in the class. They are getting to enjoy their childhood, while they prepare for the childhood. The school’s VIVA festival widens their horizons and gives them a chance to develop their other talents too.
Amit Behl
Parent of Nridev Behl (Jr.KG B)
Malad (East)

We were in search of good school for my son Nridev Behl studying on ‘Jr.KG – B’. We chose Vibgyor High because we have heard of its unique teaching methods, international affiliation. We are very happy with the way admission procedure was handled which gave us a satisfaction that finally we are putting our child in right hands. We were very happy with the arrangements/ facilities during VIVA – 2011 and we were very pleased to see the effort and involvement of all the teachers, the principal, coordinators and other supportive staff of the school.


S. Firoza
Mother of Ruwaid – Nursery H

Hi! I’m Ruwaids Mom. I liked the way VIVA was organized. The event was conducted very well. The stage and lighting was excellent. I never imagined that the children of Nursery can do so much. It was a very good performance.
Sophie Raman
Parent of Neha Raman, Jr. KG. A.

“It’s a pleasure to talk about VIVA and we had lots of fun. I felt honoured when I was called to judge the drawing competition. It is wonderful that the school involves parents in its events. The events were well organized.
Organising workshops are an excellent way not only to strengthen the parent-child bond but also for our enrichment. My child enjoyed a lot during the program. Three cheers to VIBGYOR.”

“We are proud to be a part of the VIBGYOR family”
Jayashree Shriram
Parent of Vignesh Shriram, Jr. KG. J.

“When you see your kids dancing, you feel really happy and satisfied. We realize the effort to get things done. The organizing committee had done a great job with respect to the parking. Their safety was taken care of. Ultimately everything came down to the child being happy and our son was very very HAPPY to be a part of VIVA. Thank you VIBGYOR for making us proud parents”

A moment of profound happiness!!
Balaji Rajendrababu
Parent of Ankith Balaji – Jr. KG. P
and Archith Balaji –Jr. KG. H

“Brilliantly executed! Hats off to the organizers in presenting the program in a crisp fashion. Well done team VIBGYOR. We are looking forward to many more years of this fantastic association. Our children are very happy and have blossomed under your loving care and guidance. Kudos to all of you. ”

Happy Family… VIBGYOR family!!
Naresh Budhrani
Parent of Kavina Budhrani - Sr.Kg Div G

The concert this year was very well organized and systematic. Sound system and video presentation was very good. Keep the good / great job. Looking forward to the next year concert.
Aparna Tekumalla
Parent of Kavya Tekumalla – Sr KG. G

The children put up a very superb and spirited performance. The teachers efforts were visible in every child’s performance, the teachers had put their hearts into it.

On the whole, the Preprimary VIVA was a huge success and we hope to see more of it for many more years.

Sandeep Chaterjee
Father of Ishita Chaterjee–Sr KG. E

VIVA was a wonderful event we have experienced this year. It gives opportunities for students, parents and teachers to portray their talent in various events during this period. This is the time when we all explore the other side of daily life and enjoy and cherish some memorable moments. I would like to thank the entire VIBGYOR team for their wonderful initiative. Three cheers to a great team !!!!
Aasha Nevil Jose
Mother of Gabriel Jose - Sr KG. A

It was a huge effort put by the team of Vibgyor to make all the tiny tots perform. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! The kids gave their best performances and the credit goes to the teachers whose efforts showed up fantastically ! The Theme “ Le Carnival “ was so good and getting the little ones introduced to so many countries in an enjoyable way was amazing. Who else but VIGYOR could do it. Great efforts, wonderful team !!