Enrichment Programme
Full STEAM Ahead
STEAM integrates knowledge across the five disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. STEAM activities have their genesis in inquiry-based learning methodology that develop children’s creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills through various hands-on activities.
Stories Come Alive
Stories act as the gateway for children to enter a world of fantasy and boost their imagination and creativity. Through stories, children embrace multitude of characters that are based on various cultures, traditions, etc. and learn valuable life lessons. Stories Come Alive is an immersive programme that builds children’s critical-thinking, concentration, problem-solving and socio-emotional skills.
Under this programme, children interpret stories through a range of techniques, including dramatics, story yoga, puppetry, musical plays, etc. These techniques help children communicate more effectively, understand what they are being told, and expand their vocabulary, all while boosting their self-confidence.
I Am Special
Based on Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences and play-based pedagogy, the ‘I Am Special’ sessions at VIBGYOR are centred around children’s interests and provide opportunities for them to develop positive self-esteem and independent behaviour, while also encouraging a ‘can do’ attitude.
Experience of the Month
The ‘Experience of the Month’ sessions aim at expanding classroom learning through niche life skill experiences. Under this umbrella, unique skills such as teamwork, resilience, perseverance and inclusivity are instilled in children through a variety of programmes like ‘Little Chefs at Work’, ‘Nature Lovers’, ‘Little Expressions’, ‘Go Glocal’ and others. These programmes help mould children into becoming responsible global citizens.
FitCamp captures the aspect of physical development through a range of large motor activities that develop coordination, balance and laterality. These activities also help children gain knowledge of staying healthy and fit and having a positive body image (self-awareness and confidence). Age-appropriate activities (both indoors and outdoors) are designed to enhance children’s gross motor skills and social and emotional development.

The Enrichment Programme at VIBGYOR Kids incorporates activities that promote a growth mindset and the holistic development of children. These activities provide exciting opportunities for children to play, create, experience, learn and develop scientific, logical and analytical skills. These carefully crafted activities stimulate children's minds, encourage them to be creative, resilient and perseverant, and nurture their natural talents, passions and other abilities.

This programme is made up of five sub-programmes, one of which is conducted on each day of the week, making the 'Enrichment Programme' an everyday activity in the school routine.


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