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Our Differentiators
Icon Assured Admission to VIBGYOR High
  All VIBGYOR Kids Preschools provide a smooth and hassle-free admission to VIBGYOR High, supported with a no-donation policy. In case, a parent is transferred to another city which also has a VIBGYOR High the child will be given preference for admission there depending on the availability of seats. Our teaching methods ensure that the child adjusts well wherever he / she may go.
Icon Individual Attention  
  To support our philosophy of the Individual Learning Programme, a Teacher/Student ratio of 1:10 is maintained to ensure that every child receives adequate individual attention, which is the key to a successful Multiple Intelligences curriculum.


Icon Our Faculty/ Facilitators  
We take great care in selecting teachers who will facilitate the academic growth of the child. These teachers are individuals with a flair for handling children and a dedication to match. We further train them in our methods and processes so that they fully appreciate our vision and aspirations in education. Our facilitators provide personalized care while motivating the emerging minds to explore, understand and learn so that every VIBGYOR Kid is able to handle situations in daily life without any stress. This gives our students a strong foundation for life.  
icon Parent Participation
  The learning process is incomplete without the involvement of the parents especially at this tender age. To formulate a successful Individual Learning Programme for our students we incorporate inputs from parents as well. Further, we have a number of activities centered round the family like Father’s day, Mother’s day, Grandparents’ day and Festivals that bring out the importance of the family in child development. Regular updates on the child`s progress are communicated to parents.  
icon Ambience  
  We provide a colorful, attractive, warm and caring environment to prompt even the shyest toddler to relax. We lay great emphasis on a safe environment and maintain the highest standards of hygiene. With child-friendly and age-appropriate toys and equipment, a garden, a splash pool and a play area every child can settle in and find his own space.